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Profit and Nothing But!

Profit and Nothing But!

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Who said that the economy serves mankind? What is this world where one third of the population, in the rich countries, or more precisely the wealthiest two percent in these countries, control everything? A world where the economy is law, where this law of the strongest is imposed on the rest of humanity? Why do we accept this cynical and immoral state of being? What happened to Solidarity? And to the militants? These are the questions PROFIT AND NOTHING BUT! asks.

Capitalism has succeeded in convincing us that it is the only truth, the only morality we need. It has even convinced its opponents that their failure lies within the normal scheme of things.

Raoul Peck contrasts this heavily documented illumination of the capitalist system with the devastating reality in his native land, Haiti - 'a country that doesn't exist, where intellectual discussion has become a luxury.' Its GNP for the next thirty years is roughly equivalent to Bill Gates (current) fortune. The film's stark images of the lives of the damned on earth provide a striking backdrop for talk of 'triumphant capitalism.'

PROFIT AND NOTHING BUT! is a pertinent, and impertinent, exploration of the profit motive and its consequences on our day to day lives, our history, and our outlook for the future.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, raised and educated in Zaire (the Democratic Republic of Congo), New York, France and Germany, Raoul Peck is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and documentarian. His work has screened at dozens of prominent film festivals worldwide, and has earned him numerous prizes and awards, including the distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from the Human Rights Watch. Lumumba, Raoul Peck's most recent feature film - an eloquent study of the rise and fall of the legendary African leader - was an international critical and audience favorite.

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