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The Comrade

The Comrade

THE COMRADE is the first documentary film biography of Luiz Carlos Prestes (1898-1990), Brazil's "Knight of Hope." The end of dictatorship in Brazil allowed the filmmakers to produce this documentary about one of the most persecuted figures in 20th century Latin American history:

The film covers seventy years of Brazil's chaotic contemporary history, a period in which Prestes was a principal protagonist. from the epic 15,500 mile march by rebel lieutenants in the 1920's, to Prestes' dramatic romance with Comintern agent Olga BenĂ¡rio (during the disastrous communist revolution of 1935), to the military coup, the armed struggle, and through the fierce political repression between 1964 and 1974.

A wealth of statements (by journalists, historians, family members, former Communist Party activists and others) are interwoven with rare historical footage, to form this groundbreaking biography of Prestes, a stubborn Don Quixote who throughout his life pursued the dream of a better world.

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Main credits

Venturi, Toni (film director)
Bulcão, Renato (film producer)
Di Moretti (screenwriter)
Paulo José (narrator)

Other credits

Música, Marcelo Goldman; montagem, Cristina Amaral; fotografia, Cleumo Segond.

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Comparative Government
History (World)
Latin America
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