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The Coach Machine

The Coach Machine

Despite having been eliminated as a contestant on 'The Voice,' the popular musical reality TV show, Luc is certain of one thing: wthin three years, he'll become a millionaire. To achieve his goal, he participates in personal and business development seminars where coaches promise to teach him the secrets of success. At the same time, he becomes involved in a mysterious online business that assures him a fortune without leaving his home. Will Luc's dream of becoming a millionaire become a reality?

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Main credits

Wacter, Luc de (onscreen participant)
Drouet, François-Xavier (film director)
Drouet, François-Xavier (screenwriter)
Drouet, François-Xavier (cinematography)

Other credits

Montage, Cédric Jouan; image, François-Xavier Drouet, Pierre Choqueux; musiques, Luc de Wacter/Kylian'n, Emmanuel Kallins & Steve Skinner.

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Advertising and Marketing
Business Ethics
Business and Economics
French Culture
Media Studies
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Marketing; life coaching; France; "The Coach Machine"; Icarus Films; The Voice; Francois-Xavier Drouet;