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Les Enfants Terribles

Les Enfants Terribles

In a village in the south east of Turkey, Mahmut wants to divorce his newly-wed wife. At the same time, his sister Zeynep enrolls in an open high school and takes on a job in a factory. Against her father’s wishes, she wants to leave the village and ultimately go to university. The siblings’ demands become the center of conflict in their conservative family and community, who are not used to what Mahmut and Zeynep strive for in life. Intimately captured by their older brother Ahmet Necdet Çupur, who left the village twenty years ago to pursue his studies, LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES is a story of clashes between generations, between the past and the present.

“Clear, unambiguous and fascinating to observe.” —Business Doc Europe

“[A] remarkable work which gets up close and very personal with its protagonists, but which also knows how to step back (by way of beautiful scenery, subtle lighting, apposite music and skilful editing) and move away from the "battlefield" of the family home, where a microcosmic generational shift is taking place - a predicament which will resonate with many different audiences and which anyone will be able to identify with, regardless of cultural differences. —Cineuropa

“Ahmet Necdet Cupur trains his camera on his family, finding only tension and sorrow. The intimacy of the interactions and the obvious emotional connection that the filmmaker has with his subjects provides this documentary with a remarkably unfiltered candour, highlighting a culture clash that extends to an entire regressive community.” —Screen Daily

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Conflict Resolution
Family Relations
Middle East
Women's Studies


; "Les Enfants Terrible"; Icarus Films; family; rural; Turkey; Islam; documentary; women's studies; divorce; marriage; arranged marriage; youth; childhood; Middle East; ; "Les Enfants Terribles"; Icarus Films

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