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Far from Vietnam

Initiated and edited by Chris Marker, FAR FROM VIETNAM is an epic 1967 collaboration between cinema greats Jean-Luc Godard, Joris Ivens, William Klein, Claude Lelouch and Alain Resnais in protest of American military involvement in Vietnam--made, per Marker's narration, "to affirm, by the exercise of their craft, their solidarity with the Vietnamese people in struggle against aggression."

A truly collaborative effort, the film brings together an array of stylistically disparate contributions, none individually credited, under a unified editorial vision. The elements span documentary footage shot in North and South Vietnam and at anti-war demonstrations in the United States; a fictional vignette and a monologue that dramatize the self-interrogation of European intellectuals; interviews with Fidel Castro and Anne Morrison, widow of Norman Morrison, the Quaker pacifist who burned himself alive in front of the Pentagon in 1965; an historical overview of the conflict; reflections from French journalist Michele Ray; and a range of repurposed media material.

Passionately critical and self-critical, and as bold in form as it is in rhetoric, FAR FROM VIETNAM is a milestone in political documentary and in the French cinema.

"An important film, a beautiful film, a moving film…the cinema at last has its 'Guernica.'"—Richard Roud, The Guardian

"A stone-cold classic."—Michael Vazquez, The Huffington Post

"A landmark in the European cinema...A new kind of film-not an anthology-piece in which each director contributes a sketch, but a real fusion of each individual's material into a collective statement."—Michael Kustow, The Times of London

"Rich with humanity and indignation…this is a film nobody should miss. It mirrors both the horror and the hope of our times."—Sanity magazine

"Manifests the will to produce a film that cuts through the sensationalized media reports on Vietnam--the misinformation--while simultaneously joining the growing protest against the war."—Nora M. Alter, Chris Marker (book)


Main credits

Marker, Chris (filmmaker)
Marker, Chris (editor of moving image work)
Godard, Jean-Luc (filmmaker)
Ivens, Joris (filmmaker)
Klein, William (filmmaker)
Lelouch, Claude (filmmaker)
Resnais, Alain (filmmaker)
Varda, Agnès (filmmaker)
Bellec, Anne (actor)
Blanguernon, Karen (actor)
Fresson, Bernard (actor)

Other credits

[Cinematography, Jean Boffety [and others]]; editor, Chris Marker.

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American Studies
Cinema Studies
Cold War Era
Film History
French Culture
French History
History (U.S.)
History (World)
Human Rights
Media Studies
Political Science
Social Movements
Southeast Asia
Vietnam Era


Jean-Luc Godard; Joris Ivens; William Klein; Claude Lelouch; Chris Marker; Alain Resnais Agnes Varda; Vietnam; War; Vietnamese; Marker; Godard; solidarity; agit-prop; collage; collaborative film; protest film; political; Tet offensive; General Westmoreland; documentary; video; DVD; French; New Wave; "Far from Vietnam"; Icarus Films; "Far from Vietnam"; Icarus Films,doc,art,clad; history; politics; sociss

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