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Art and Oligarchs

Art and Oligarchs

A popular trend among Russian oligarchs is to purchase works of art. Why? It's a way to get into the Kremlin's good graces, to gild their image...and to cover up the origin of their fortunes, often acquired in the shadow of post-Soviet power.

Following a group of newly-minted collectors as they attempt to follow in the steps of well-known collectors of the early 20th-century, Tania Rakhmanov's powerful documentary ART AND OLIGARCHS depicts a Russia where art, easy money, and an authoritarian state co-exist.

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Main credits

Rakhmanova, Tania (film director)
Haziza, Laurence (narrator)

Other credits

Caméra, Georgy Porotov; montage, Paul Morris; musique, Rachmaninov [and 3 others].

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Business and Economics
Cultural Studies
Eastern Europe
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art; oligarchs; Russia; money laundering; collecting; Kremlin; "Art and Oligarchs"; Icarus Films;

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