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Kings of the Wind and Electric Queens

Kings of the Wind and Electric Queens

An event like no other, Sonepur Fair in India is a carnival of magical realism inhabited by exotic dancers, exorcists, stuntmen and elephant tamers.

Colorful multitudes cut through the dusty, sticky air as the ecstatic sound of drums fills the space. As in a western, men with gleaming black mustaches lead nervous horses, others drive wild motorcycles, while some organize outrageous parades. Each person has their rituals, prayers, and methods to master the energy of the fair, both mechanical and organic, magic and electric.

'A verite travelogue of a trip few Westerners will make.' - The Hollywood Reporter

'Pure spectacle and sensory pleasure.' - POV Magazine


Main credits

Kuentz, Gaspard (filmmaker)
Dupire, Cédric (filmmaker)
Dupire, Cédric (cinematographer)
Aglibert, Jérôme (film producer)

Other credits

Image, Cédric Dupire; editing, Charlotte Tourrés.

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Cultural Anthropology
South Asia


India, Asia, Festival, Carnival, Sonepur; "Kings of the Wind and Electric Queens"; Icarus Films