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Mama Colonel

Mama Colonel

Colonel Honorine Manyole, commonly known as 'Mama Colonel,' works for the Congolese police force and heads the unit for the protection of minors and the fight against sexual violence. Having worked for 15 years in Bukavu, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she learns she is transferred to Kisangani. There, she finds herself faced with new challenges.

Through the portrait of this extraordinarily brave and tenacious woman, who fights for justice to be done, this film addresses the issue of violence towards women and children in the DRC and the difficulty of overcoming the past war.

'Disciplined, succint, and effective. Documentarian Dieudo Hamadi follows the work of a senior Congolese policewoman in charge of stopping sexual violence and physical abuse against women and children in the African country.' - The Hollywood Reporter

'Shot in a very sincere way, with no narration or voiceover, and nothing added in to soften its themes-this is simply the harsh truth of the Congo's situation ... [Gives] a warm recognition to Honorine's strength [and] gracefully pays its respects to her efforts ... Authentic, admirable, and meaningful.' - The Upcoming

'A blistering portrait of a society that takes all their hardships out on its innocent and vulnerable children ... Powerful.' - In the Seats


Main credits

Hamadi, Dieudo (film director)
Hamadi, Dieudo (screenwriter)
Hamadi, Dieudo (cinematographer)
Lelong, Christian (film producer)
Siku, Kiripi Katembo (film producer)

Other credits

Picture, Dieudo Hamadi; editing, Anne Renardet.

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Distributor subjects

African Studies
Central Africa
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Law Enforcement
Women's Studies


; "Mama Colonel"; Icarus Films; Dieudo Hamadi; Honorine Manyole; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Bukavu; Kisangani; law enforcement; women's rights; sexual assault; children; abuse; ,doc; sociss

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