The Campaign

The Campaign

Focusing on a mayoral race in Muncie, Indiana, THE CAMPAIGN follows closely the personalities, strategies, and pressures of an American political contest. In particular, it examines the sharply contrasting styles and backgrounds of the Democratic and Republican candidates.

'The achievement of THE CAMPAIGN is that these vignettes are both believably specific and broadly symbolic. It's a classic slice of Americana.' - Atlanta Constitution

'This is politics as real life. Proof of the film-ready narrative structure of a campaign: life or death drama, where one candidate will win, one will fail; without presidential candidates or national celebrities, just everyday characters reaching out for the votes of their neighbors, the people they knew--and who knew them. Unforgettable.' - Paul Stekler, International Documentary


Main credits

Davis, Peter (film producer)
Cohen, Tom (film director)

Other credits

Photographer, John Lindley; editor, Bob Brady.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

American Studies
North America


Middletown; politics; "The Campaign"; Icarus Films; Muncie; Indiana; United Stated; government; Republican; Democrat;

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