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Mina's Recipe Book

Mina's Recipe Book

In the 1940s, Mina Pachter was sent to a Nazis concentration camp in Terezin. Before dying of starvation there, she carefully recorded her favorite recipes, hoping they would somehow make it to her daughter, who had escaped to Palestine.

Twenty years later, her daughter was given a handwritten book, covered in craft paper and held together by a simple piece of string. She opened it to read: 'Cakes for new mothers, Baden Caramel sweets, Quetsch strudel, Linzertorte...'

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Main credits

Georget, Anne (film director)
Winocour, Patrick (film producer)
Guigon, Juliette (film producer)
Decultis, Claudie (voice actor)
Hartmann, Elke (voice actor)
Wagner, Elsbeth (voice actor)

Other credits

Edited by Valérie Salvy; image, Etienne de Grammont; musique, Jean-Baptiste Loussier.

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Jewish Studies; World War II; Food; History; "Mina's Recipe Book"; Icarus Films; Holocaust; Shoah; family; relationships; Europe; Anny Stern; Terezin; Czechoslovakia; Prague; Israel; ovid_ca;