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Cinema Novo

Cinema Novo

CINEMA NOVO is a film essay that poetically investigates the eponimous Brazilian film movement, the most prominent in Latin America in the past century, through the analysis of its main auteurs: Nelson Pereira do Santos, Glauber Rocha, Leon Hirszman, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Ruy Guerra, Caca Diegue, Walter Lima Jr, Paulo Cesar Saraceni, among others.

'An impressionistic homage to the movement that changed Brazilian film forever.' - Variety

'A dense archival essay on Brazil's very own New Wave. [Cinema Novo took] Brazilian movies out of the studios and into the streets, capturing the vivid daily realities of a nation of contrasts-between rich and poor, land and sea, city and country, religion and sacrilege-in movies whose bristling black-and-white cinematography was about as contrast-y as you could get.' - The Hollywood Reporter

'If ever a filmmaker was destined to compile a love letter to the new wave of cinema that swept through Latin American in the 1960s and 1970s, it's the son of CINEMA NOVO co-founder Glauber Rocha ... A rich viewing experience.' - ScreenDaily


Main credits

Rocha, Eryk (film director)
Dahl, Diogo (film producer)

Other credits

Montagem, Renato Vallone.

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Cinema Studies
Cultural Anthropology
Latin American Studies


Brazil; cinema history; rocha; novo; glauber; eryk rocha; "Cinema Novo"; Icarus Films; Nelson Pereira do Santos; Glauber Rocha; Leon Hirszman; Joaquim Pedro de Andrade; Ruy Guerra; Caca Diegue; Walter Lima Jr; Paulo Cesar Saraceni; ,doc,art; history