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Our House

Our House

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'I've spent my entire life explaining my family to people who just don't get it.' - Ry, age 17

'I have a lot of my own issues like school, friends, and sports. It annoys me 'cause time after time I have to keep on talking about [having gay fathers]. It would be so much better if everybody that asked me would be in one big room and I'd tell them and after that I wouldn't have to say it once more.' - Daniel, age 13

Today, there are millions of children in the United States being raised by gay and lesbian parents. These families are at the heart of debates in courtrooms, schools and places of worship around the country as Americans struggle to define family values.

OUR HOUSE is a groundbreaking documentary that explores what it's like to grow up with gay or lesbian parents. Traveling to urban, rural and suburban communities in Arizona, Arkansas, New Jersey and New York, OUR HOUSE director Meema Spadola (the daughter of a lesbian mom) profiles the sons and daughters of five families - African American, Latino and white; Mormon, Christian, and Jewish - who illustrate some of the diversity of America's gay and lesbian families.