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The Pirates of Bubuan

The Pirates of Bubuan

Shohei Imamura reveals remote and impoverished islands in the Philippines to be the home of rival factions of pirates in this absorbing investigation into a little-known way of life.

"THE PIRATES OF BUBUAN is masterful, a film in which Imamura whisks an entire world out of nothing...In 46 minutes we're given an entire societal microcosm with all its maddening contradictions."—Sight & Sound

"In ballsy, proto-Nick Broomfield fashion, Shohei Imamura puts himself directly in the line of danger to film THE PIRATES OF BUBUAN, a startling documentary glimpse of shady activity on the Phillipine high seas in the early 1970s. As an unintended side effect of bringing a camera crew into relatively unknown territory, Imamura also captures the experiences of native islanders eking out their day-to-day lives on both the poverty line and the idyllic shoreline."—The Cinefamily


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Imamura, Sh̄ohei (film director)

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Cultural Anthropology


Pirates of Bubuan; Philippines; pirates; piracy; "The Pirates of Bubuan"; Icarus Films; "The Pirates of Bubuan"; Icarus Films

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