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Between Two-Spirit

Between Two-Spirit

Chris feels neither man nor woman, but more like a 'Two-Spirit' in between genders. Now turning sixty, this professor of management is taking the big plunge. This sensitive film follows one eventful year in Chris Muth's life, from an operation in Thailand to an eventual return home to Switzerland, where Chris will become Christa. Director Laurence Perigaud gives a highly sensitive and humorous account of this year of transition and transformation-body and soul-of a human being in quest of freedom.

'Chris's quest for femininity is filmed by anthropologist Laurence Perigaud, who brings a trained eye to the story from his dramatic transformation into Christa.' -L'Espress

'Directed with simplicity and delicacy, this documentary defies stereotypes as it documents a person story of emancipation.' -Le Matin


Main credits

Périgaud, Laurence (film director)
Périgaud, Laurence (film producer)
Périgaud, Laurence (editor of moving image work)
Périgaud, Laurence (cinematographer)
Muth, Christa (interviewee)

Other credits

Camera, Laurence Périgaud, Lilo Wullschleger; music, Marc Antoine-Zufferey.

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Distributor subjects

Gay Studies
Health Care Issues
Human Sexuality
Lesbian Studies


LGBT; Gender; Transition; Switzerland; France; Between Two-Spirit; Laurence Perigaud; Biology; Anthropology; Christa Muth; Chris Muth; Transexual; "Between Two-Spirit"; Icarus Films