The Healer's Syndrome

The Healer's Syndrome

Many African AIDS patients regularly consult traditional faith healers. Dr. Moussa Maman, an ethno-psychiatrist who has practiced medicine for 20 years, takes us to Benin, Niger and Senegal to meet some of the faith healers. Confusion abounds between those who ease the distress of the AIDS victims, and those who profit from their suffering.

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Main credits

Demanche, François-Xavier (screenwriter)
Demanche, François-Xavier (film director)
Lestrade, Thierry de (filmmaker)
Lestrade, Thierry de (cinematographer)
Bello, Moussa Maman (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Image, Thierry de Lestrade; montage, Eric Armbruster; musique, Jean-Pierre Joly.

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African Studies
Health Care Issues
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doctor; faithhealer; africa; AIDS; "The Healer's Syndrome"; Icarus Films