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Amidst the popular uprising in Syria that begin in 2011, a group of former Lebanese detainees of the Assad regime decides to break their long-held silence about the horrific years they spent imprisoned in Tadmor (Palmyra), one of the Syrian government's most dreadful prisons.

'The extraordinarily brave testimonial of a group of men trying to rediscover the part of humanity they lost within the walls of that prison, ... driven by one single force: survival ... A necessary and brave film.' - Cineuropa

'Film exists as testimony to the resistance of human beings, to draw it out of them. It's not a question of ideology, it's a question of fighting for humanity ... The subject matter itself of TADMOR is resistance.' - Luciano Barisone, Director, Visions du Reel

'A surprising film that makes a strong impression.' -


Main credits

Borgmann, Monika (film director)
Borgmann, Monika (film producer)
Slim, Lokman (film director)
Avril, Philippe (film producer)
Bussmann, Gabriela (film producer)

Other credits

Original music, Pierre Jodlowski; director of photography, Tala Khoury; editing, Olivier Zuchuat.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Criminal Justice
Human Rights
Middle East


; "Tadmor"; Icarus Films; Syria; Lebanon; Bashar al-Assad; Palmyra; prison; torture; Middle East; justice;

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