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Ten Commandments of Communicating With People With Disabilities

Ten Commandments of Communicating With People With Disabilities

Literally tens of thousands of people over the years have learned and laughed with this top selling video, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF COMMUNICATING WITH PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. It's training that uses humorous vignettes to deliver its disability awareness message.

Each commandment (lesson on disability etiquette) is segmented for easy access, giving users the ease of only using the lessons necessary for their training goals, and the ability to concentrate on a specific type of disability.

With over 53 million Americans having a disability, large corporations as well as small companies use this outstanding video to train employees, improve customer service and avoid losing talented employees due to ignorance or awkwardness. Human service agencies get 'double duty' from this program when they utilize it to train their own staff and the community about disability etiquette.

Closed Captioned and Open Captioned with Audio Descriptor.

**** 'Four Star Rating.' -Training Media Review


Main credits

Ward, Irene (film producer)
Wilkin, David (film producer)
Wilkin, David (film director)
Harrington, Tim (narrator)

Other credits

Editor/videographer, J.C. Figueroa.

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