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Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Classic French New Wave director Alain Resnais’ early film, VAN GOGH won an Oscar for best short documentary film. Recently restored, this 1948 boundary-pushing short brilliantly evokes the life of Vincent Van Gogh, using only his paintings as visuals. VAN GOGH traces the great painter’s life and work, from his early days as a realist in the Netherlands, to his stay in Paris, the peak of his career in Provence, and then the dark days of madness that descended on him.

The black-and-white renderings of Van Gogh’s paintings, coupled with a dramatic musical score, are surprisingly evocative.

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Main credits

Diehl, Gaston (filmmaker)
Hessens, Robert (filmmaker)
Resnais, Alain, 1922-2014 (film director)
Dauphin, Claude (narrator)

Other credits

Musique de Jacques Besse.

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