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A Veiled Revolution

A Veiled Revolution

Egyptian women were the first Arab women to march in political demonstrations (1919), the first to take off their veils publicly (1923), and the first to receive free secular education (1924).

But today the educated granddaughters of those early Arab feminists are returning to Islamic dress, complete with full face veil and gloves. A VEILED REVOLUTION considers possible reasons for this turn back to tradition - the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism, the rejection of western values - as Egyptian women speak out.

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'This excellent film deals with the phenomenon of young, educated women who are returning to variously restrictive forms of what they refer to as 'Islamic dress'.'-Science Books and Films

'An excellent basis for discussion.'-EFLA Evaluations


Main credits

Gaunt, Marilyn (Director)
Fernea, Elizabeth Warnock (Producer)
Tammes, Diane (Cinematographer)
Twigg, Terence (Film editor)
Racy, Ali Jihad (Composer)

Other credits

Camera, Diane Tammes; editor, Terence Twigg; music, Ali Jihad Racy.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Middle East
Multi-Cultural Studies
Women's Studies


veil; veiled; women; Elizabeth; Fernea; documentary; film; video; Egypt; Islam; fundamentalism; "A Veiled Revolution"; Icarus Films;

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