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Voyage in G Major

Voyage in G Major

At the age of ninety-one, Aime decides to finally take his dream trip to Morocco that he's been planning for 40 years. His grandson, a filmmaker, accompanies him. Their journey, beautifully captured in VOYAGE IN G MAJOR, is both tender and bittersweet, filled with missed opportunities and fleeting pleasures.

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Main credits

Lazarevski, Georgi (film director)
Lazarevski, Georgi (cinematographer)
Lazarevski, Georgi (editor of moving image work)
Winocour, Patrick (film producer)
Guigon, Juliette (film producer)
Helbing, Aimé (onscreen participant)

Other credits

Montage, Jean Coudsi, Catherine Gouze, Georgi Lazarevski; musique, Felix Mendelssohn, Antonin Dvaork, Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Death and Dying
Family Relations
Middle East
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Aging; Family relations; Travel; Morocco; Georgi Lazarevski; "Voyage in G Major"; Icarus Films