With God On Our Side - Episode 5

With God On Our Side - Episode 5

Anti-abortion activists cheered when Reagan named one of their own, C. Everett Koop, as Surgeon-General. By the mid-'80s, though, AIDS tragically hits home even in fundamentalist circles, and Koop splits from his former allies over the proper Christian response to this 'sign of God's judgment.' Hearing the call of God, Pat Robertson mobilizes an 'invisible army' of fervent believers, many of whom had never before engaged in politics, to support his bid for the Presidency. Though dogged by the televangelist scandals, the Robertson campaign -- with its calls for renewed patriotism and its fierce attacks on liberalism -- sets the agenda for George Bush's victory over Michael Dukakis.

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Main credits

Robertson, Cliff (Narrator)
Skaggs, Calvin (Producer)
Skaggs, Calvin (Director)
Taylor, David Van (Producer)
Singer, Bennett L (Producer)
Singer, Bennett L (Director)

Other credits

Produced and directed by Bennett Singer.

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American Studies
Cold War
Gay Studies
Health Care Issues
History (U.S.)
Media Studies
Social Movements


Religious Right; President Bush; evangelical Christianity; evangelical; George W. Bush; Pat Robertson Ralph Reed; Christian Coalition; conservative ; Paul Weyrich; Reverend Jerry Falwell; Doug Wead; David Frum; Don Poage; oil-business; Bible-study; Billy Graham; Richard Nixon; video; documentary; film; Christian anti-Communism; grassroot; grassroots; Church and State ; sex education; textbook; jimmy carter; Moral Majority; C. Everett Koop; Michael Dukakis ; ; "With God On Our Side - Episode 5"; Icarus Films;

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