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In Nurith Aviv’s unexpected, original documentary, seven young interviewees share their love for Yiddish avant-garde poetry written between the World Wars. An expressive hybrid “jargon” with roots in Hebrew, German and Slavic languages, Yiddish has been shamed, banned, and nearly wiped out, but it’s a vernacular with rich political, historical, religious, socio-economic and literary import. In her spirited film, Aviv brings its ancient words to life. 

“A living anthology.” —Le Figaro

“Must see! Nurith Aviv turns her attention to the storied tongue of Eastern Europe Jews. From Paris, Berlin, Vilnius and Warsaw, her interviewees make ancient words resonate today” —Le Monde

“Travel through words in a film as thoughtful as it is interesting.” —Telerama

“The latest little miracle from director Nurith Aviv.” —SoFilm

"A chance to dream endlessly.” —The Cinema Files

“A film that palpates with the sounds of forgotten rhythms where a humble language silences the nothingness.” —L’Humanite


Main credits

Aviv, Nurith (filmmaker)
Aviv, Nurith (editor of moving image work)
Lalou, Serge (film producer)
Tamir, Itai (film producer)
Sinapi, Michèle (screenwriter)

Other credits

Cinematography, Cédric Dupire [and 3 others]; editing, Nurith Aviv, Rym Bouhedda, Hippolyte Saura.


"Yiddish"; Icarus Films; poetry; poets; literature; Judaism; Jewish; World War I; World War II,Europe; Germany; language; art; "Yiddish"; Icarus Films

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