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Disbelief, shock, hostility and superstition confronted the wife of one of the filmmakers when she decided to give birth without pain medication using the Lamaze method of childbirth. Her tale is about trusting oneself and accepting responsibility even when it means rejecting popular beliefs and establishment authority.

"Informed with love and filmed with skill…It vividly captures the suspense, humor, agony, tenderness and wonder of a human birth." — Richard Christiansen, Chicago Daily News "A luminous, joyous human document." — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


Main credits

Temaner, Gerald (Producer)
Temaner, Gerald (Film editor)
Quinn, Gordon (Producer)
Quinn, Gordon (Film editor)
Glass, Phillip (Composer)

Other credits

Composer, Phillip Glass; filmaker-editors, Gerald Temaner, Gordon Quinn.

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Gender Sudies
Family Issues
Maternal and Child Health
Film History
Social Studies
Health Issues


Kartemquin Films; Health; Family; Gender Equality; Documentary; "Marco"; Kartemquin Films;