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What the Fuck Are These Red Squares?

What the Fuck Are These Red Squares?

Striking students meet at a "Revolutionary Seminar" at the Art Institute of Chicago in response to the invasion of Cambodia and the killing of protesting students at Kent and Jackson State Universities. They explore their role as artists in a capitalist society and issue questions like: What are the implications of the artist's elitist position in America? Is it possible not to be co-opted, as "radical" as one's art may be? What are the connections between money and art in America? Between the "New York Scene" and the rest of the country?

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Main credits

Blumenthal, Jerry (Film editor)
Quinn, Gordon (Narrator)

Other credits

Editing and sound, Jerry Blumenthal; camera, Gordon Quinn; discussion leader, Shirlee Blumenthal.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

Human Rights
Social Issues
Social Studies


Politics; Art/Creativity; Human Rights; War/Anti-War; "What the Fuck Are These Red Squares?"; Kartemquin Films;

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