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Forget Me Not

Leading documentary filmmaker David Sieveking (David Wants to Fly) weaves an astonishingly candid, loving and revelatory chronicle of the changes his mother's Alzheimer'€™s has on his family. Although dealing with his mother's disease is painful, caring for her does offer Sieveking a chance to reconnect with his family and immerse himself in the secrets and passions of his parents long and fascinating life. Some stories are heroic, while others have left a painful legacy in the couple's long term marriage. Throughout, Sieveking'€™s delicate handling of these revelations moves the focus of the story away from his mother's irreversible mental decline to that of a loving tribute to his mother as a human being with a remarkable life story. What emerges is a poignant and rich study of family ties, the delicate nature of marriage, and the unexpected rewards that come from living life to the fullest.

“A beautiful tribute....made with humor and astonishing candor.”--Alissa Simon, Variety

“A beautiful and emotional film...establishes David Sieveking as a master documentarian.”--Jaime Grijalba Gomez, Twitch



Main credits

Sieveking, David (Director)
Heisler, Martin (Producer)
Rettinger, Carl-Ludwig (Producer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Adrian Stahli; music, Jessica de Rooij; editing, Catrin Vogt.

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alzheimer's disease; aging; family; marriage,doc

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