Torture Made in USA

Torture Made in USA

Mixing stunning archival footage and on the ground detective work, and backed by hard hitting interviews from key administration witnesses such as Colin Powell’s former Chief of Staff, Matthew Waxman, former White House advisor to Condoleeza Rice, and former US Navy General Counsel Alberto Mora, as well as Michael Scheuer, chief architect of the CIA’s "Extraordinary Renditions" program, TORTURE MADE IN USA provides a disturbing examination of the the United States policy of torture under the cover of "War on Terror." The film also includes revelatory footage from previously unaired US Senate Armed Services Committee hearings.

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Main credits

Robin, Marie-Monique (Director)
Sanchez, Ricardo S. (cmm)
Wilkerson, Lawrence B (cmm)
Waxman, Matthew C. (cmm)
Mora, Alberto J (cmm)
Scheuer, Michael (Interviewee)

Other credits

Editing, François Boulégue; music, Jean-Louis Valéro.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Human Rights
Political Science
Social Justice
Social Psychology


torture; war on terror; "Torture Made in USA",Docuseek2; Donald Rumsfeld; Condoleeza Rice; Michael Scheur; Alberto Mora; extraordinary rendition; CIA;

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