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Never Coming Home

Never Coming Home

In 2004, audio producer Zac Barr and photojournalist Andrew Lichtenstein traveled throughout the country meeting the families of some of the thousands of men that died in the Iraq war. This film s an intimate, tactile picture of what they found.

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Main credits

Barr, Zac (filmmaker)
Barr, Zac (interviewer)
Lichtenstein, Andrew (filmmaker)
Lichtenstein, Andrew (photographer)
Klimowicz, Tim (filmmaker)
Storm, Brian (film producer)
Maierson, Eric (film producer)

Other credits

Photography by Andrew Lichtenstein.

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Distributor subjects

African American Studies, American Studies, U.S. history, Iraq, War, grief and recovery, family issues, military


Iraq, Veterans, Death, Family, war, funeral, Brian Storm, War, Eric Maierson, Andrew Lichtenstein, Zab Barr, photojournalist, Nicholas Spry, Edmond Randle, Cory Ryan Mracek, Mark Dooley, Joshua Ware, Scott McLaughlin, Manny Hornedo; "Never Coming Home"; MediaStorm