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Black Market

Black Market

It is not widely known, but the sale of bear paws, crocodile hearts, and other rare animal parts form the world's third-largest illegal market. Photojournalist Patrick Brown goes deep inside this vast, dangerous milieu, risking his own personal safety to take us on a fascinating journey through the lives of the myth-bound Chinese villagers, the status-seeking nouveau riche, the third-generation smugglers, and the corrupt officials that make this Asian wild market possible.

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Main credits

Brown, Patrick (filmmaker)
Brown, Patrick (photographer)
Brown, Patrick (presenter)
Storm, Brian (film producer)
Maierson, Eric (film producer)

Other credits

Photography by Patrick Brown.

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Distributor subjects

Animal Rights, Asian Studies, China, Criminal Justice, Ecology, Economic Anthropology, Environment, Health & medicine, Photography, photojourmalism, Political Science


wildlife, Scotland yard, trade, animals, illegal trade, smuggling, photojournalist, endangered species, tiger skins, rhino horns, bear bile, impotence, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Eric Maierson, Vietnam, Cambodia, Patrick Brown, Brian Storm; "Black Market"; MediaStorm