The Ninth Floor

The Ninth Floor

In 2004, an apartment overlooking Manhattan's Fifth Avenue housed some thirty young people living in a vortex of drug addiction and despair. Jessica Dimmock entered this world and explored how these addicts fight to get clean, sink deeper into addiction, go to jail, start families, and overall struggle to survive in their own way.

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Main credits

Dimmock, Jessica (filmmaker)
Dimmock, Jessica (photographer)
Cook, Diane (film producer)

Other credits

Photography and audio, Jessica Dimmock.

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Distributor subjects

New York City, addiction, youth, parenting, health, psychology, sociology


Jessica Dimmock, Diane Cook, Brian Storm, MediaStorm, Contrasto, Addiction, Heroin, Drugs, Drug Abuse, Hospital, Dependency, Illegal, Crime, Struggle, New York, Junkies, Crack, Cocaine, Flatiron, Manhattan, Ninth Floor, methadone, opium, documentary, needle, New York, father, mother, violence, art, Fifth Avenue, 5th Avenue; "The Ninth Floor"; MediaStorm