A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan

A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan

Based on 14 trips to Afghanistan between 1994 and 2010, photojournalist Seamus Murphy chronicles a people caught time and again in political turmoil, struggling to find their way while their desire for self-determination is often overlooked.

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Main credits

Murphy, Seamus (filmmaker)
Murphy, Seamus (photographer)
Maierson, Eric (film producer)

Other credits

Photography and video, Seamus Murphy; interview camera, Ian Bodenham.

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Distributor subjects

Afghanistan, American Studies, Anthropology, Children & Youth, Conflict & Resolution, History, Middle Eastern Studies, Photojournalism, Women Studies


multimedia, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Northern Alliance, Massoud, Afghanistan, Afghan, civil-war, 9/11, terrorism, United States, invasion, war, Soviet Union, Russia, photography, journalism, photojournalism, Seamus Murphy, Eric Maierson, Brian Storm, Leandro Badalotti, MediaStorm, Darkness Visible, withdrawal, troop, invasion, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, democracy, elections, Karzai, Lukas Augustin, Salome Augustin, Augustin Pictures; "A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan"; MediaStorm

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