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The Long Night

The Long Night

Set in Seattle Washington, The Long Night gives voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American sex trade. It submerges the viewer in the personal and harrowing experience of what it has been like for Natalie and Lisa to survive in the life; for Tom and Nacole to watch their daughter slip out of their hands; for Andy and his fellow police officers, Brian and Joel, to try to create a more just system.

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Main credits

Matsui, Tim (film director)
Matsui, Tim (film producer)
Matsui, Tim (cinematographer)
McLaughlin, Tim (film producer)
McLaughlin, Tim (editor of moving image work)

Other credits

Ananda Plunkett, composer.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

human trafficking, prostitution, youth issues, women studies, depression, addiction, grief and recovery, criminal justice, law enforcement, social studies, American studies


human trafficking, runaways, Market, sex trafficking, prostitution, Seattle, Washington, cocaine, heroin, Tim Matsui, Brian Storm, Andy Conner, Joel Banks, Brian Taylor, King County detective, Sheriff's Deputy, vice, Boulevard Motel, pimp, Genesis Project, long term housing, NGO,; "The Long Night"; MediaStorm