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Fight Hate With Love

As a young man, Michael Ta'Bon's ex-con father taught him about drugs and crime, and those lessons landed him in prison for 15 years. During his incarceration, Michael promised himself that he would one day start a movement to prevent young black people from getting caught in the cycle of violence he found himself in. Seven years after being released from prison, now married with a pregnant wife and a young son, Michael is a dedicated public servant in his North Philadelphia neighborhood, but those years of incarceration have left him with invisible scars, and his fierce commitment to community work may ultimately cost him his family.

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Main credits

Ta'Bon, Michael (on-screen participant)
Ellis, Andrew Michael (film director)
Ellis, Andrew Michael (cinematographer)
McLaughlin, Tim (film producer)
McLaughlin, Tim (editor of moving image work)
Storm, Brian (film producer)
Khan, Samia (film producer)

Other credits

Director of photography, Andrew Michael Ellis; editor, Tim McLaughlin.

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Distributor subjects

African American Studies
Criminal Justice
drugs and addiction
performance artists
urban studies


Fight Hate With Love, OG L.A.W., Gwen Jackson, Philadelphia, Selma, KKK, prison, black lives matter, activism, juvenile detention center, PTSD, formerly incarcerated, drugs, MediaStorm, Andrew Michael Ellis; "Fight Hate With Love"; MediaStorm,doc,art; sociss