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One Man Brand

If you have been to NYC, you have heard of the Naked Cowboy. Robert Burck was a singer and musician who couldn't get anyone to listen to his music, until he made a simple discovery. In One Man Brand, we meet the man who transformed himself from a penniless outsider into one of the Big Apple's most visible and popular attractions.

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Main credits

Burck, Robert (interviewee)
Nicholson, Lucy (filmmaker)
Nicholson, Lucy (photographer)
Nicholson, Lucy (videographer)
Ahmad, Jassim (filmmaker)
Ahmad, Jassim (editor of moving image work)
Sacha, Bob (film producer)

Other credits

Photography, audio & video, Lucy Nicholson, Reuters; editor, Jassim Ahmad, Reuters; music by the Naked Cowboy.

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Distributor subjects

Labor studies, New York City, Performers, music, psychology, urban studies, relationship


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