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Diana Ortiz spent over half of her life in prison for a crime she committed when she was a teenager. Now 45, she has turned her life around and works to help other inmates rebuild their lives. Exodus is her inspirational story.

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Main credits

Ortiz, Diana (interviewee)
Redfearn, Jennifer (film producer)

Other credits

Photography, audio, & video, Laurentiu Diaconu-Colintineanu, Natasha Elkington and Leah Thompson.

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Latino and Hispanic Studies, Abuse, American Studies, Drugs & Addiction, Behavioral science, Criminal Justice, Law enforcement, Family, Social Justice, Sociology, Women Studies, Urban Studies, New York City, Youth issues


prison, reentry, exodus, parole, formerly incarcerated, Diana Ortiz, Julio Medina, behavioral science, The New York Yimes, crime, Laurentiu Diaconu-Colintineanu, rehabilitation, Multimedia, Leah Thompson, Jennifer Redfearn, Brian Storm, MediaStorm, Natasha Elkington; "Exodus"; MediaStorm