Ian Willey is a young committed and beloved teacher, who spends his life encouraging his middle school students in Harlem to pursue their dreams. They in turn inspire him to follow his--becoming a professional hip hop artist.

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Main credits

Willey, Ian (interviewee)
Als, Christian (filmmaker)
Als, Christian (videographer)
Champagne, Edith (filmmaker)
Champagne, Edith (videographer)
Boreland, Janine (filmmaker)
Boreland, Janine (editor of moving image work)
McLaughlin, Tim (film producer)

Other credits

Video, Christian Als, Edith Champagne; editor, Janine Boreland; music by Ian Willey, Christopher Cape.

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Distributor subjects

Music, education, children and youth issues, New York City, Harlem, performance artist, sociology, urban studies, creativity, cultural anthropology


hip hop, rap, teach for america, teaching, ic will, KIPP, KIPP Infinity, education, charter schools, education gap, harlem; "Voice"; MediaStorm