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When an extraordinary new resident – Balakrishna, an Indian elephant – arrived in the town of East River, Nova Scotia, in 1967, no one was more in awe of the creature than young Winton Cook, who became inseparable from his mammoth new friend. Using painterly animation, photographs and home-movie treasures, Balakrishna transmits the wistfulness of childhood memories, while evoking themes of friendship and loss, and issues of immigration and elephant conservation.

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Main credits

MacKenzie, Colin (film director)
MacKenzie, Colin (screenwriter)
Kapur, Aparna (film director)
Kapur, Aparna (screenwriter)
Mohammadian, Maral (film producer)
Baulu, Kat (film producer)
Ainscough, Grady (voice actor)

Other credits

Art director and animator, Aparna Kapur; picture editor, Susan Shanks; original music, Judith Gruber-Stitzer; director of photography, Santosh Sivan.

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"Balakrishna"; National Film Board of Canada; elephant; Nova Scotia; animal rights; animal cruelty; crimes against nature;