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A modern adaptation of the myth of Hercules, BAM tells the story of a young boxer struggling to negotiate between his shy, bookish nature and a divinely violent temper.  Where does this rage come from? Is it psychological or environmental - or is it something altogether more primordial?

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Main credits

Shia, Howie (film director)
Shia, Howie (screenwriter)
Shia, Howie (animator)
Mohammadian, Maral (film producer)
Fukushima, Michael (film producer)

Other credits

Music and sound design, Tim Shia & Leo Shia.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Psychology and Psychiatry - Emotional Life
Social Issues - Individual in Society


Ancient Greek myths; Anger; Animated films; Random violence; "Bam"; National Film Board of Canada; animation; anishort