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The Basketball Game

The Basketball Game

In 1983, nine-year-old Hart attends Jewish summer camp for the first time, while in a nearby Alberta town a social studies teacher makes headlines after it's discovered he's been teaching anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. In the aftermath, the teacher's former students are invited to Hart's camp for a picnic and a basketball game. Hart and his campmates are both curious and afraid of what awaits them on the basketball court. Told from Hart's perspective, The Basketball Game fuses animation, documentary and personal memoir in a poignant and humorous tale of hope and tolerance in the face of fear and stereotypes.

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Main credits

Snider, Hart (film director)
Snider, Hart (screenwriter)
Snider, Hart (editor of moving image work)
Ma, Yves J. (film producer)

Other credits

Animation, design and storyboard by Sean Covernton; original score and sound design by Adam Damelin.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism - Discrimination
Diversity/Pluralism - Diversity in Communities
Diversity/Pluralism - Identity
Health/Personal Development - Healthy Relationships
Maximum Age Level - 17
Media Education - Film Animation
Minimum Age Level - 12
Social Issues - Discrimination and Stereotyping
Sports and Leisure - Ball Games


Alberta; Anti-Semitism; Edmonton; Holocaust denial; Jewish children; Summer camps; "Basketball Game, The"; National Film Board of Canada