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F.A.S.: When the Children Grow Up

F.A.S.: When the Children Grow Up

When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, she can do irreparable harm to her baby. This program explores the realities of living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (F.A.S.) and partial F.A.S., called Fetal Alcohol Effects (F.A.E.), the leading causes of birth defects. The effects associated with F.A.S. continue even when children become adults.This documentary tells the stories of three adults living with F.A.S., along with commentary from experts in the field

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Main credits

Bartlett, Sharon (film director)
Bartlett, Sharon (film producer)
Bartlett, Sharon (screenwriter)
LeRose, Maria (film director)
LeRose, Maria (film producer)
LeRose, Maria (screenwriter)
LeRose, Maria (narrator)

Other credits

Camera, Roger McGrath [and 3 others]; editor, Michael Taylor; original music, David James.

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Distributor subjects

People with disabilities
Health and Medicine
Fetal alcohol syndrome


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