Fort McMoney: Vote Jim Rogers!

Fort McMoney: Vote Jim Rogers!

After the critically-acclaimed documentary game Fort McMoney went online to a global audience, "Fort McMoney: The Film" Vote for Jim Rogers! returns with an immersive journey into Fort McMurray, Alberta, the world's third largest oil reserve and war chest of Canada. For three years, an obsession recurs in the director's work: Is democracy soluble in oil?

In this personal and subjective film, we come across Jim Rogers, a trapper, native of Fort McMurray, and unsuccessful candidate in the last municipal elections, which saw the small town become what it is today: a modern version of the gold rush, black as oil.

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Main credits

Dufresne, David (filmmaker)
Dufresne, David (film director)
Huysmans, Raphaëlle (film producer)
Tremblay, Louis-Richard (film producer)
Willieme, Dominique (film producer)
Brown, Gabriel (narrator)

Other credits

Camera, Philippe Brault; editing, Alain Loiselle; original music, Ramachandra Borcar.

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; "Fort McMoney: Vote Jim Rogers!"; National Film Board of Canada; oil sands; tar sands; money and politics; fort mcmoney; oil;

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