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In Bed with an Elephant

In Bed with an Elephant

Using archival film footage, this hour-long documentary provides a gripping retrospective of United States-Canada relationships as personified by successive presidents and prime ministers. It becomes quite clear that our prime ministers, from John A. Macdonald down, have started their tenures on a sort of first-things-first basis by making overtures to their American counterparts. Attitudes and outcomes have varied widely, and this is what intrigues when seen in close-up. The almost comic antipathy between Kennedy and Diefenbaker, for instance, is as palpable here as is the folksy camaraderie of Reagan and Mulroney. (Part four of the series Reckoning: The Political Economy of Canada)

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Main credits

Martin, Kent (film director)
Martin, Kent (screenwriter)
Martin, Kent (film producer)
Laxer, James (screenwriter)
Laxer, James (host)

Other credits

Editor, Ian Rankin; photography, Mike Mahoney; music, Eric Lemoyne, Roger Lemoyne.

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War, Conflict and Peace
History - Canada
Foreign Countries
Politics and Government - Canada


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