Little Big Girls

Little Big Girls

The documentary Little Big Girls by director Hélène Choquette sheds light on the phenomenon of early-onset puberty. Today, it isn't unusual to see the earliest signs of puberty in girls younger than the age of 9, though this was not the case a few decades ago. The result, inevitably, is a disconnect between the girls physical and emotional maturity. Far from being a marginal issue, early-onset puberty is fast becoming a worldwide public health concern.

A number of causes are suspected: Could obesity and exposure to environmental contaminants, for instance, be to blame? While the causes may still be misunderstood, the physical, psychological and psychosocial repercussions on young girls going through this change so early are all too visible.

Little Big Girls alerts us to the need to adapt, as a society, so as to minimize the impact of this phenomenon on our children.

“Yes this is definitely a problem that needs to be tackled. it is robbing little girls and parents of precious childhood moments. As a teacher of grade 6 for the past 22 years I have always taught about maturation/puberty issues but have never spoken too much about earlier blooming other than the scripted info I am expected to cover. This is food for thought and if I could get a good source of info (like maybe this film) for teaching then I might be more inclined to approach the subject. One needs to keep in mind though that if this subject is to be taught in schools then it needs to be done earlier, like grade 4. I feel it's worth teaching though and speaking to girls about due to the dire consequences of not knowing/understanding their bodies. I shudder to think what could potentially happen to a little one if she were abused and the ramifications of that on her life.”


Main credits

Choquette, Hélène (film director)
Choquette, Hélène (screenwriter)
Cloutier, Nathalie (film producer)
Galuppo, Angela (narrator)

Other credits

Director of photography, Joël Provencher; editing, Mélanie Chicoine; original music, Jérôme Minière.

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Children and Youth
Health and Medicine
Precocious puberty


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