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Tagged introduces us to the raging debate over the ubiquitous Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, touted as a tool with invaluable medical applications by its supporters and denounced as the death knell for civil liberties by privacy advocates. This playfully smart short doc lets the audience decide: Is it hip to be chipped, as a proposed marketing slogan claimed, or could RFID implants accelerate a slide down the slippery slope from surveillance society to totalitarian nightmare?

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Main credits

Cohen, Shawney (film director)
Cohen, Shawney (screenwriter)
Cohen, Shawney (film producer)
Gallay, Mike (film director)
Gallay, Mike (screenwriter)
Gallay, Mike (film producer)
Marin, Lea (film producer)

Other credits

Director of photography, Chris Mably; original score, Jim Guthrie; editing, Shawney Cohen, Mike Gallay, Dev Singh.

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; "Tagged"; National Film Board of Canada; rfid; computer chip; identity theft;