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Twixt Heaven and Earth

Twixt Heaven and Earth

The swainson's hawk nests and spends its summers in the grasslands of Western Canada. By autumn it begins its amazing southward migration to winter 11,000 kilometres away in the Argentinean pampas. Here it lives in flocks of up to 15,000--and it encounters a serious threat: toxic pesticides which kill these majestic birds by the thousands. Join Saskatchewans Dr. Stuart Houston as he reveals the secrets of the amazing swainson's hawk--a bird he has studied for over 50 years. Houston and his team use cutting-edge satellite technology along with traditional bird-banding to greatly increase our knowledge of the lives of migratory birds. In order to save the hawks, the governments of Argentina, Canada and the United States have joined forces with industry and conservation groups to protect these birds and other species from horrible deaths caused by pesticides.

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Main credits

Caruso, Donna (film director)
Caruso, Donna (screenwriter)
Caruso, Donna (film producer)
MacDonald, Joe (film producer)
Houston, C. Stuart (narrator)
Houston, C. Stuart (consultant)

Other credits

Editing, Chris Bailey; camera, George Hupka; music composed and performed by Craig Salkeld.

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Animals - Birds, Animals - Endangered Species, Environment and Conservation - Endangered Species, Documentary


Birds; hawk; Endangered Species,Conservation; "Twixt Heaven and Earth"; National Film Board of Canada; Swainson's hawk;