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XS Stress: Teens Take Control

XS Stress: Teens Take Control

Meet Sarah - the punk rocker with heart, smarts and more tattoos than you can count... They hide the scars.

Say hi to Jarrel. At school everyone calls him "faggot." Then he fights back.

And then there's "bad kid" Kira. Well, it turns out she has dyslexia and nobody knew it.

Three youths tell their stories in XS Stress: Teens Take Control - an essential guide to staying afloat while navigating the choppy waters of adolescence. It's a time when youth undergo big changes and assume new responsibilities, juggling school, family and friends. Throw in work, dating, exams, racist remarks and extra-curricular activities - and it's no wonder teens get knocked off balance. Spoken word performer Kyra Shaughnessy and a diverse chorus of young voices provide running commentary, making XS Stress an insightful report from the teens of today. It's fun and full of good advice. It's powerful and real. It's teens taking control.

“This film was moving. It truly captured some important struggles that teens deal with. Examples being stress, peer pressure and phobias. It also showed you how to deal with them”


Main credits

Kearns, Patricia (film director)
Kearns, Patricia (screenwriter)
Lynch, Tamara (film producer)
Shaughnessy, Kyra (performer)
Shaughnessy, Kyra (participant)

Other credits

Director of photography, Philippe Amiguet; editor, Marlene Millar; original music composed by Janet Lumb, Dino Giancola.

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Distributor subjects

Children and Youth
Stress in adolescence
Stress management for teenagers


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