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Confounding Father - Episode 1

The Articles of Confederation was an alliance, not a government. Frightened with how democratic the state legislatures had become, a group of elites gather in Philadelphia to create a powerful government to protect their interests. The Virginia Plan seeks a President elected for life and veto power over state laws. Maryland delegate Luther Martin and a few others counter with the New Jersey Plan.

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. . . has made me, a professional historian, want to rush to the nearest library, read the historians’ books in full, and contemplate anew how a country originally organized around opposition to tyranny and coercion rather quickly made the watershed move at the Constitutional Convention to lay the groundwork for a country now characterized by authoritarianism and disregard for democracy. - Rev. Ellin Jimmerson, PhD

This stimulating educational film provides students with a startling account of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 that focuses on one individual’s opposition to the United States Constitution. Founding father Luther Martin, the delegate from Maryland, speaks out vehemently against ideas presented that summer in Philadelphia, but are nevertheless incorporated into the United States Constitution. - Trudie Root, Video Librarian


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Hall, Richard R. (film director)
Hall, Richard R. (film producer)
Hall, Richard R. (videographer)
Hall, Richard R. (editor of moving image work)
Browne-Marshall, Gloria J. (interviewee)

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