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7 Reasons to Run Away (from Society)

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Based on the plays by Esteve Soler, 7 Reasons to Run Away features seven surrealist visions of a dysfunctional society that does not progress. The family, the poor kid who appears on TV, the sixth-floor neighbors, the tenant and the real estate agent, the business couple, the guy progress has run over, and the couple about to get married. Seven darkly humorous stories, whose protagonists are downright detestable. Seven characteristics that make us unbearable. Seven reasons it’s best to avoid people altogether. 

"We like to think of ourselves as civilized people, but our mask of neighborliness often hides a callous lack of empathy for other people. In seven short episodes, each about a human trait we prefer not to talk about, this Spanish anthology film explores the flipside of our satisfied lives. This surrealist dark comedy pulls no punches: its bizarre stories are inventive, funny, sometimes harsh, and always ruthlessly honest." — Nikola Paggio, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

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