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9 Sevilles

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With the presence of the new generation of artists, from Israel Galván to Rosalía, passing through Niño de Elche, Rocío Molina, or Tomás de Perrate, the city and the flamenco artists are exchanging affection, conversations, and gestures.

Over nine walks, they teach each other: Chilean dancer Javiera de la Fuente, poet David Pielfort, gypsy and feminist lawyer Pastora Filigrana, palmero and dancer Bobote, Hungarian singer and dancer Rudolph, African dancer Yinka Esi, bullfighter Vanesa Montoya, actress Rocío Montero, and Gonzalo García Pelayo, a perfect accomplice for this film with its rare mix of radicality and roots in the city.

9 Sevilles is a portrait that reveals a complex musical, cultural, social, and geographic mosaic. A documentary about the past and present of flamenco, a collection of life stories where characters of different origins mingle.

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