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Brazil: A Time to Build

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How is the new generation of Brazilians feeling about the conflicting situation of the country? Diplomat, writer, and filmmaker Gustavo Westmann brings to the screen a renewed type of debate on Brazil in the 21st century.

South America's geographic giant is polarized due to seemingly endless corruption investigations and a less than optimistic economic recovery. In an accessible and constructive way, twelve interviewees discuss Brazil’s advances through broader themes such as corruption, racism and machismo, education, violence, economy, media and culture. Rather than presenting answers, the documentary aims to stimulate reflections on the structural challenges facing the country’s reconstructive efforts.

Interviewees include chief economist at Gradual Investments, Professor Andre Perfeito; musician André Faria; chef Bel Coelho; screenwriter Iana Cossoy Paro; Executive Director of the Sou da Paz Institute, Ivan Marques; diplomat, former Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro, and former Minister of Culture of Brazil, Marcelo Calero; former National Secretary of Justice; regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Open Society Foundation, Pedro Abramovay; Founder of Portal Mobilize, Ricky Ribeiro; businessman and professor Roni Cunha Bueno; former Chief of Staff of the BNDES Presidency and director-general of the New Development Bank (BRICS Bank) in Shanghai, Sergio Suchodolski; ombudsman for the Public Defender of Bahia, feminist, Brazilian black movement activist, Vilma Reis.

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