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Diaspora Drums

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Using stories, batucadas, and songs, Diaspora Drums addresses a political and cultural vision embedded in the course of two drums of African origin and their ramifications in Brazil, which move through rituals, cultural manifestations, musical productions, and social celebrations.

Directed by João Nascimento, the documentary weaves percussion performances and instruments with themes such as cultural racism, traditional drumming, technological drumming, African mythologies, and other contemporary sounds.

From the perspective of important people from the universe of percussion, the film features exclusive interviews with Paulo Dias (Associação Cultural Cachuera); Beth Belli (Regent of the Block Ilú Obá de Mim); Dinho Nascimento (Orquestra de Berimbaus do Morro do Querosene); Hélio Nogueira (Luthier from Atabaques, resident of Morro do Querosene); Silvanny Sivuca (percussionist in the Emicida band); Fernando Alabê (founder of Bloco Ilú Inã); Simone Sou (percussionist); Aluá Nascimento (former member of Stomp); Enoque Santos (dancer); Pedro Bandeira (Cuban percussionist from Aláfia); Dinho Gonçalves (Percussionist), and Marcos Suzano (percussionist).

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